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goodbye friend
trust me, i'm a doctor
If you were a person, I'd sit you down and buy you coffee...or with this time, a stiff drink. I'd smile awkwardly and pad the conversation with the great times we had and the secrets we shared. As the conversation rises, usually with a giggle of familiarity or the fall of a comfortable silence, I'd clear my throat and go right in--

You see, livejournal, you have been my best friend for ten years.

But you've changed, you have new friends, and I can't entirely trust you anymore. There, I've said it.

Yes it came from her. It probably isn't fair, it's one mistake, I know, but...I'm at this point in my life where I can't afford to be shocked or surprised. I can't afford to take those kinds of risks, knowing what we both know.

And hey, face it, we've pretty much outgrown each other. We don't hang out as often as we used to, though it's great in the few times we've caught up.

So well, it's just time to move on then. We've had awesome memories together, and we'll keep it at that until they wither away with internet Alzheimer's.

Thanks, LJ. It's been swell.


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I just up and left him.

Well, actually we had an explosive fight one time because he had dumbass football java ads that permanently blocked my capacity to type anything on the text field. So we're now on a "see you when I see you" basis, I guess.


Tsk tsk, he can be so complicated! xD


i like how we treat technology like actual people. coz they probly are. O_O

*hugs* you, too? I barely check my friends page anymore, because, well, not much is going on there. I guess people have decided to move on.

But I'll stick, for now. Patiently waiting with him for all of you to return

I'll drop by every so often to see you guys. ;) Old friends and all!

I miss you darling!

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